Introducing Our Founders, Tyler and Jessica

Pull up a chair and pour a cup of coffee because we are sitting down with our founders and getting to know the people behind the brand! They are giving us the skinny on how Social Citizen got started and what they are all about!

How did your brand/business begin and what prompted it to start?

Our founders, Tyler and Jessica, started developing their own line of hair products back in 2013. They had just been nominated top-five for the North American Hairdresser Awards (NAHA is like the OSCARS for hair!). While in Las Vegas for the awards show they gained a lot of exposure. After rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, Tyler and Jessica decided to create their own products. Enter, Social Citizen Haircare!

What sets your brand/business apart from others, or rather, what makes it unique?

Our focus is cultivating complex formulas specifically for our climate - to protect and support hair from harsh elements, styling tools and chemicals. The products are clean and performance driven. But we are more than just a product sitting on a shelf. Our founders have developed, operated and sold salons for the past decade. They are using their expertise to give back through our business support and education systems.

What is your motivation? What fuels your drive?

The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will. Our founders are determined to leave their mark on the beauty industry. Whether it's a salon owner that has been in the industry for 30 plus years or a stylist that's been doing hair for a day..Tyler and Jessica love connecting with the people, the heart of the beauty industry. 

To set the standard for your day, what is your routine? How do you prime yourself for the day ahead?

We are big on rituals and always thinking a few steps ahead. Our founders may be an unstoppable husband and wife team but with this power couple, it's safe to say that opposites attract! Tyler and Jessica both have very different ways of doing things. Tyler loves taking risks and flying by the seat of his pants where Jessica is a rule follower and has a ore methodical approach. But hey, it's all about balance, right?!

As an entrepreneur, what are some tips you firmly believe others should adapt when starting up themselves?

Pick up the clues that are left behind. It's going to take 10 times more effort than you think. Literally, become obsessed with your brand. Eat, sleep and breathe it baby!

Quote to live by?

Setbacks are necessary for progress.

When you're not out their kicking ass, what skills do you exercise in your downtime? 

Chillin on the boat, watching hair videos, random trips to Vegas, working out and spending time with our 2 year old daughter Miss Wynn. 

It's all nitro coffee with sweet cream for this team ahead! Why? Social Citizen Haircare has more coming their way. With Tyler on their team as the designated idea guy, a podcast is in the works! On top of that, Tyler is working on developing an agency to connect hairstylists with prospective and highly trained assistants. We look forward to seeing those launch!


If you're anything like us, we want to hear more about this duo! Stay tuned to find out why we are falling in love with their story and can't get enough of this power couple!



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